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lonic: lonic dryers reduce the size of water droplets with ions, infusing hair with moisture tohelp condition, soften,and make hair shinier while adding volume and reducing "frizz”.lonic straighteners saturate hair with ions during stranghtening for added smoothess ans shinewhile ionic facial saunas reduce water droplest's size for easier skin. Absorption and smoother better-toned shin

Ceramic: Ceramic generates high ,even heat ,which penetrates hair quickly from the inside-out, styling it in a fractionof time for shinier, healthier-looking hair , solid ceramic tools maximize even , far-infrared heat for ultra-smooth, ultra-styleswith shine and sheen.

Toummaline , a natural gemstone, maximizes the output of hair-conditioning ions andfar-infrared heat in dryers and straighteners for maximum shine, softness and manageability.

Nano Ceramic: Nano-Ceramic evenly distributes heat for softer, shiner hair and enhance durability for a more durable styling tool.